Everyone at Revelation sighed with satisfaction on hearing this album one in which Common finally, evening out his style and sound over a period of 15 years, see his 7th Album, ‘Finding Forever’ herald as class and I mean that in a way that Common is an artist that inspires and provides a level of consistency to his music which is rarely achieved in Hip Hop. (more…)


Fashion Futures – BCE’S pick of LFW designers»

The best collections are often the ones that come with great stories. A fashion collection is a proposal and therefore has to inspire and create the desire to jump ahead into the next season. AW10 London Fashion Week has recently ended and here we highlight our particular picks of the season.

This edition of London Fashion Week was quite eclectic but some confirmed international talents have emerged. Among them are Meadham Kirchhoff, Todd Lynn, Felder Felder, Iris van Herpen and Richard Nicoll; five winners with five strong stories to tell.

Meadham Kirchhoff, the French- English duo took us on a journey from India to the South of Spain with layers of colourful fabrics. Who said that winter cannot be shiny? This duo is very promising. They have their signature, draped romantic silhouettes, but they showed that they are able to evolve, surpass expectations and create surprisingly interesting, and tongue in cheek shows (the styling throughout this particular show had been filled with tat such as paper hats a la Christmas Crackers whilst remaining gorgeously opulent). Whether, in it’s own small way, was a critique of the times we’re apparently leaving is to be discussed, but regardless their collection certainly makes a mark.


Developing work for projects»

When discussing the issues of public art and its impact on the urbanism agenda there is an interesting debate regarding the contribution of artists providing and developing work for projects within the transnational or multi-cultural arena. Clearly there is an overriding issue of how all artists are engaged to contribute in such projects against a the perception that a problem exist in how they work in the public art realm. Is this solely down to the art-bureaucrats and archi-technocrats of CABE, ACE and a quango culture or part of a wider social issue related to a lack of cultural interaction, lack of movement or intricate reciprocity between what maybe considered the parts and the whole.